Chase Davenport
Who am I?
I'm a graphic designer from Pittsburgh, PA versed in a multitude of media and formats. I work in branding, corporate standards, traditional design, illustration, web design and anything digital. Take a look at my portfolio and see how I can help your brand or business have a stronger presence in today's fast paced world.
My Message To The World
As diluted as the creative fields have become, less and less need for quality, well thought out design has become the unfortunate standard. As a designer, I promise that my attention to detail, passion for clean aesthetics, and high standards for visual excellence will turn your needs into assets. Branding, ads, websites... they're all tools. But that doesn't mean they need to be dirty.

Feel Free To Take A Copy Of My Resume


Here are just a few examples of some of my work. If you have a specific project, theme, style, or feel your are going for that you don’t see here – please contact me with details and I can send more material. Just click each area of expertise to expand.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my work. I am available almost 24-7.

Phone: 724.288.4024

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